Increased capacity and will for FCDO, governments, donors and civil society to design and implement policies which reflect real-time, on the ground experience of women’s and girls’ needs.

WOSSO, the FCDO and the IAC will determine the overarching strategy questions, annual priorities and set criteria to establish the types of issues which can form part of a rapid review. We will determine who can request the rapid reviews, and specific themes to focus on. These might springboard from, and align to, the extensive work already done in designing the action coalitions on which WOSSO is well-represented. These include Gender-Based Violence; Economic justice and rights; Bodily autonomy and SRHR; Feminist action for climate justice; Technology and innovation for Gender Equality; Feminist movements and leadership. Our focus will be on real-time rapid reviews, which we will translate to be meaningful to varied audiences, re-packaging existing research where appropriate.

We will produce and disseminate policy products led by the voices of grassroots groups. WOSSO will determine our research agenda during inception, but at this stage envisage country and thematic briefs linked to ICPD+30, Beijing+30, and SDG+10, as well as key conferences. These products will be linked to FCDO’s policy priorities, evidencing intersections in gender, SRHR, climate, education, and more. We will remain flexible to supporting WROs to adapt products to local contexts and ensure two-way messaging.